Vancouver Salmon Fishing
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Vancouver Salmon Fishing with Streamline Guiding

Without a doubt, Vancouver salmon fishing is some of the best fishing in the world. The rugged beauty of the British Columbian landscapes, the salty tang of sea air in the city of Vancouver itself, and of course more salmon on the end of a fishing line than you’ve ever seen before.

Vancouver salmon fishing: The Basics

Salmon are anadromous fish, meaning that they are born in fresh water, travel to the ocean to live, and then return to the place where they were born to spawn before dying. Anyone who has been salmon fishing in Vancouver before can tell you that that this is the reason for the massive number of salmon that pass through the coastal waters here. As they make their way up to rivers like the mighty Columbia, the Fraser River, and hundreds of smaller rivers across the Pacific Northwest, the highly prized silver fish make Vancouver salmon fishing one of the most productive locations in the world.

What Can You Catch In Vancouver?

Vancouver salmon fishing charters offer the opportunity to catch no fewer than five different species of salmon: chinook, coho, sockeye, pink, and chum. Of these, most people consider the sockeye salmon to be the tastiest, although it is not necessarily the largest. That distinction belongs to the Chinook salmon, which is also known as the “king” salmon, and which can grow up to 30 pounds or more.

When’s The Best Time To Visit?

Although the summer and fall months are the best salmon fishing Vancouver BC has to offer, the fact is that there are plenty of fish in the water year-round. Many folks prefer this window of time to come as well because of the fabulous weather that comes with it: warm, sunny days with a gentle breeze. However, with the hundreds of rivers and tributaries around the Vancouver area, plus the close proximity of the ocean, Vancouver salmon fishing is an all-year-long proposition.

Vancouver salmon fishing: Insider Tips

Vancouver Island salmon fishing during the summer months is so easy even a 2-year old could cast a line and catch a fish. The Island is ideally suited because of its location along the “salmon highway at rush hour.” Salmon must travel either north or south through the narrow channel of water surrounding the island on their way when migrating during the summer months. If trolling from the boat is not your cup of tea when it comes to fishing, you can always try casting from some of the picturesque beaches within a short boat ride from Vancouver for your chance at Vancouver salmon fishing.

Experienced Staff Offer Personalized Service

Our Vancouver Island salmon fishing charters have been working the small islands and reefs of the coastline for many years, and are well versed in where to find the fish. With an annual salmon return made up of more than 60% king salmon, you know you’ll hook some big ones while you’re out there. They’ll also be able to give you advice on what the best types of bait, rods, and weights are to use when angling off the boat or at the shoreline.

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

If you’ve always wanted to go on one of those fancy fishing charters but never had the time, this is your chance. Vancouver salmon fishing has never been better (the average catch loads in 2011 went up again because the fish continue to get bigger and bigger) and the forecast for 2012 is for another banner fishing year. Salmon fishing in Vancouver will be one of those memorable trips you can turn to your buddy and say, “Remember that time we went up to British Columbia and caught all those fish? Why, I believe I’ve never caught so many fish as I did in those 6 days!”

Getting To Your Vancouver salmon fishing Experience

One of the nice things about the Vancouver area is that it’s easy to get here, but far from everything. That’s because you can get from downtown Vancouver to some of the most pristine outdoor country in the world in just a few short hours. Our Vancouver salmon fishing charters specialize in knowing all the best spots for prime fishing, whether it’s a quiet river upstream or the deep sea you’re looking for. If you’re coming on a short plane ride up from Seattle or from much further away, you can rest assured that it won’t be long after landing in Vancouver before you’re holding onto a line that’s got something live on the other end.

What Else Does Vancouver Have To Offer?

There are also plenty of sport fishing opportunities to be had in the Vancouver area, including a chance at some of the largest sturgeon in the world. While on the boat for your Vancouver salmon fishing tour, you might very well see a whale or two, as the gentle giants are a common sight off the coasts of British Columbia. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, or if you’ve got some family members along that would like to do something besides fishing (God knows why), there are literally thousands of miles of trails and parks to hike, bike, and walk through, as well as local golf courses that are open just about year round. And if you happen to be here during the winter months, the skiing in British Columbia is probably the only thing that might be considered better than the salmon fishing.

Vancouver salmon fishing: What Are You Waiting For?

So whether it’s a group boat charter you’re looking for or a smaller scale fishing expedition, chances are good that the world-renowned salmon fishing Vancouver BC has to offer will meet your need. You only live once, and no one yet has ever said these last words, “I wish I’d spent more time at work, behind my desk doing paperwork.” Come take a chance with us and share the experience of a lifetime going Vancouver salmon fishing!

If you would like to book a charter or receive more information regarding a Vancouver salmon fishing charter please contact us at or 778-389-FISH (3474).

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