Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing
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Vancouver Fishing Update

Well the past 2 days we have not been on the water. We have taken this opportunity to do regular maintenance to our boats like oil changes, new plugs, impellers, thorough cleaning, and wax. So we’re going to dedicate this blog to the fisheries we’ll be focusing on in the next few weeks.

First off, we have the upper Pitt River bull trout fishery fast approaching. This fishery is going to pick right up in the next week and continue through June and July. Fly fishing is our preferred method for fishing the Pitt, we like to use 7-8 weight fly rods with sink tip lines, and egg sucking leech patterns as well as “intruder” style steelhead/salmon flies. Although fly fishing is our preferred method on the Pitt,  we also offer gear fishing as well where our preferred tackle is ultralight spinning rods with Gibbs “ultra lures” in nickel and chrome finish. Stay tuned for an up to date report as we’ll be fishing the Pitt in the next 3-4 days.

Secondly, we have our ongoing Fraser River Sturgeon trips, which have been successful lately, and will continue to be even throughout the high water we’re experiencing right now. Many anglers get discouraged due to the high water this time of year, but this is where our years of experience give us the edge on some of the other guides. Average days for these condition are between 6-8 fish a day, but on occasions can be many more.

And lastly, our Vancouver saltwater salmon fishery is in full swing now. Most of our efforts in the following week will be focused on the south end of bowen island and the QA marker. We are targeting the early Fraser River Chinook in these areas, and numbers have been quite good lately. The Capilano coho have also been present in Vancouver Harbour as well as the odd Chinook. This is a great opportunity for those who do not have the whole day to spend on the water as it is only a five minute run from our dock. For people who are willing to put in a 10 hour day with us, we will be making the run to the Gulf Islands where fishing has been on fire this past week and is expected to continue in the coming weeks.

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