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Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing with Streamline Guiding

Fraser River Sturgeon

Hi and thanks for stopping by. My name is Ryan Forester; I am a professional Sturgeon guide and the proud owner of Streamline Guiding. My team of expert guides and I have been providing local and international anglers world-class Sturgeon fishing adventures for over 8 years. I’d like to tell you a little about the fishing we offer and why we are a one of the preferred guiding outfits in British Columbia.

We have had the good fortune to develop many great friendships with our clients over the years. We believe this is all possible for the simple fact that we care about your experience with our company. My team and I have been fishing the Fraser Valley for Sturgeon our entire lives. This has allowed us to develop a keen fishy sense of where the Sturgeon live and what they want to eat. We fish with premium equipment and use only top quality baits. We are committed to customer satisfaction. What sets us apart from other outfits is that we will go the extra mile to ensure your trip is a great one from start to finish!

Now let’s talk a little bit about the fishing…

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

If you never fished for Sturgeon before then this is something you’ve just got to try! For those of you who have been before you already know how addictive this fishery can be. The Fraser River has some of the best sturgeon fishing Canada has to offer. Our expertly guided sturgeon fishing charters are available in single and multi-day excursions. A guided Sturgeon fishing trip is a calm water angling adventure so if you are prone to seasickness this is a great option. This fishery is perfect for anglers of all ages and skill levels. Did you know that the Fraser River sturgeon is a prehistoric game fish that can live up to 150 years and can grow up to 10 feet or greater, reaching over 1000 pounds? Hooking into 10 foot plus monster is a thrill of a lifetime! The Fraser River Sturgeon is without a doubt a true trophy fish. The Sturgeon is the largest freshwater game fish in the world and are internationally known for their blistering runs and acrobatic jumps, these fish pull hard!


Pacific salmon are a staple food source for the Fraser River sturgeon. The Fraser River and its tributaries transform into super highways as they play host to millions of migratory salmon each year. During the months of mid July to November the sturgeon feed on migrating Pacific salmon making these the prime angling months.

8601b486-307816-230891720294723-7121398-n_0a607n09i075000000At Streamline Guiding our on the water transportation is provided by 21 to 24 foot jet drive custom guide boats. Each of our well-appointed guide boats has a fully covered heated cabin area and comfortable seat up to 4 people plus a captain. Our boats meet or exceed commercial Transport Canada regulations. We fish with 8 foot long big game rods that are outfitted with a high quality lever drag reels.

Call us at 778-389-3474 for more information about our Fraser River Sturgeon fishing charters. Pre-booking your charter will ensure you get best opportunity to secure a prime date.

Customer Testimonial: Sturgeon Fishing On The Fraser River

“My name is Zack and I recently came for some Fishing In Vancouver for a little fishing and relaxation. Boy, was I surprised when we started hooking sturgeon that were well over 6 feet long! I’ve been fishing in a lot of places, but this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, with friendly and knowledgeable staff, and of course catching lots of great fish! Thanks so much!

Sturgeon Fishing Vacations

If you are looking for the ultimate adventure of a lifetime then book a 1-week Sturgeon fishing vacation. We can arrange a complete fishing vacation package for you. These trips are custom tailored to suit your needs. They include: accommodations, transportation, guided fishing, gear, tackle and bait. Contact us at 778-389-3474 and we can put together a quote for you.

Corporate and Group Bookings

Corporate and group trips are one of our specialties. In the past we have organized multi boat tournaments for 30+ anglers. These are a whole lot of fun. Whether you are looking for a 2-person trip with a client you’d like to impress or a 20 person stag we can accommodate you and your party. If you are interested in a corporate or group trip give us a call at 778-389-3474 and we can put together a quote for you.

We’d love to get you out on one of our boats so you can experience a Sturgeon fishing adventure of a lifetime. Call us at 778-389-3474 for more information about our Fraser River Sturgeon fishing charters.

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