Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing
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Guided Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

Whether you’re an experienced angler, or just looking to try something new with friends, family, or coworkers, Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River and it’s tributaries in British Columbia is considered one of the best, and most unique fisheries in the world. These prehistoric fish range in size from 1-11 feet in length. The Fraser River Sturgeon fishery is considered the best Sturgeon fishery in the world due to the numbers, size, and consistency of the fishery. This is a 12 month of the year fishery with peak timing in the year being between April and November, during the winter months fishing can still be consistent but due to our colder temperatures we prefer to keep fishing to a minimal.

During the winter months, there are thousands of resident Fraser River Sturgeon throughout the river and if anglers are willing to dress accordingly, can have very successful fishing charters on the maintstem Fraser itself, and some if its tributaries.

Experienced Fraser River Valley Staff

Every one of our staff is an experienced Fraser River sturgeon guide, whose business it is to know everything there is to know about local fishing regulations, restrictions, and proper handling techniques.   We provide the highest quality gear, Penn International Level Wind reels, Shimano Technium Sturgeon Rods, and Braided Power Pro line in 150lb test and up.  In fact, all of our Fraser River sturgeon fishing charters supply just about everything except lunch—and even that can be arranged if you order it ahead of time!  We believe Fraser River sturgeon charters should be about just one thing:  engaging in the battle of your life against that fish.

Starting in late March into early April, the Fraser River receives its annual return of eulochons(bait fish) back to the lower reaches of the river for their annual spawn. When these bait fish arrive, it sparks a massive feeding frenzy in the lower Fraser. With this return of bait fish, it also brings migratory sturgeon back into the river, also known as transient Sturgeon (Sturgeon that travel from freshwater to saltwater depending on times of the year and food availability). At this time, it is not uncommon for anglers to hook upwards of 20 in a single outing, but on average we like to say 6-10 fish. This is the first major feeding of the year and with warmer water conditions at this time of year, the fish are full of energy. It is not uncommon to have a fish jump clear out of the water 4-6 times in a single hookup.

The second peak time of the year is summer through the late fall when millions of salmon return to the Fraser River and it’s tributaries. On a good return year, the Fraser River and it’s tributaries will see upwards of 50 million salmon returning to spawn, and after the spawn, they all die, creating a mass food source for the sturgeon to thrive off. These Sturgeon seam to be bigger on average during these times of the year and it is not uncommon to catch several fish in the 5-8 foot range on a single day charter and the chances of catching a fish of a lifetime in the 9-11 foot range is highly possible. Most of the record Sturgeon on the Fraser are caught during these times of the year which exceed the 10 foot mark. Due to massive amounts of food the sturgeon are taking in at these peak times, they put up a tremendous fight which is why they are known as one of greatest freshwater game fish in North America.

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