Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing
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Fraser River Sturgeon

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing with Streamline Guiding

Perhaps the best-kept secret in the Pacific Northwest, Fraser River sturgeon fishing is quietly considered among the best anywhere in the world.  With more than 200,000 of the prized game fish in the river systems near and around Vancouver, there is plenty of fishing for everyone who wants some.  The only question you really have to ask yourself is:  Once you hook ‘em, will you be able to reel ‘em in?

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

Long ago, long before there was any sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River, giant White Sturgeon swam in the fresh waters of a very different earth, and a new group of animals (that would come to be known as dinosaurs) began to appear on the earth.  Sturgeon are some of the oldest living fossils on the face of the planet, and they are the biggest game fish to be found in North America.  Fraser River sturgeon fishing means going head-to-head with a fish that could be as long or longer than a yourself, and it always gets the blood of every true fisherman pumping.  That’s why each year hundreds of anglers make their way to British Columbia, to reenact the time-honored tradition of man vs. fish.

Sturgeon Fishing

Experienced Fraser River Valley Staff

Every one of our staff is an experienced Fraser River sturgeon guide, whose business it is to know everything there is to know about local fishing regulations, restrictions, and proper handling techniques.   We provide the highest quality gear, Penn International Level Wind reels, Shimano Technium Sturgeon Rods, and Braided Power Pro line in 150lb test and up.  In fact, all of our Fraser River sturgeon fishing charters supply just about everything except lunch—and even that can be arranged if you order it ahead of time!  We believe Fraser River sturgeon charters should be about just one thing:  engaging in the battle of your life against that fish.

Customer Testimonial: Sturgeon Fishing On The Fraser River

“My name is Zack and I recently came for some Fishing In Vancouver for a little fishing and relaxation.  Boy, was I surprised when we started hooking sturgeon that were well over 6 feet long!  I’ve been fishing in a lot of places, but this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, with friendly and knowledgable staff, and of course catching lots of great fish!  Thanks so much!

BC Sturgeon Fishing TripsAn Unforgettable Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Trip

A Fraser River sturgeon fishing trip is virtually guaranteed to be one of those trips you talk about with your buddies (or your family) for years to come.  The combination of pristine, stunning scenery combined with the chance to fight a fish that has been compared to the mighty marlin with its incredible jumps and ability to fight back makes for an unforgettable trip.  Your Fraser River sturgeon guide will expertly pilot the boat to one of our many nearby locations where you will have the chance to hook, on average, four to five foot sturgeon—and many folks catch fish that are quite a bit larger.  Although our Fraser River sturgeon fishing charters run all year long, the months between April and November find some of the largest catches because of the abundance of bait fish (small eulachons in the spring, migrating salmon in the fall).

Sturgeon Guides

Fraser River Valley and Vancouver

Many of our guests point out that one of the best things about a Fraser River fishing charter is its proximity to major cities like Vancouver and Seattle.  You can be on the Fraser River sturgeon fishing within a few hours drive from Seattle, and Vancouver’s International Airport is within a few hours flight time of most North American cities.  Such convenience stands in stark contrast to some other fishing destinations, which require a lengthy drive even after you fly into the airport, or worse, don’t even have a major airport at all.  With the relative closeness of Vancouver, you can be catching fish just a short time after your flight touches down.

Fraser River Fishing:  Fun For All Skill Levels

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 4 years old or 40, the fact is that a Fraser River sturgeon fishing trip stands to be a unique bonding experience for friends and family.  Want to meet with a client in an environment that will allow everyone to relax and have a good time?  Or maybe you’re looking for a way to build the team spirit at your company—but haven’t been able to find the right setting?  Taking them out sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River is the perfect combination of business and pleasure, with a little bit of that get-back-to-roots feeling while still remaining refined enough to be comfortable for everyone.  So go ahead, book a Fraser River sturgeon fishing charter—and live the adventure!

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