Fraser River Salmon Fishing
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Fraser River Salmon Fishing Charters

The Fraser River is known to be one of the greatest salmon bearing rivers in North America. With hundreds of tributaries making up the Fraser River, it is truly one of the most astounding non-dammed rivers in North America. Every year millions of Salmon migrate up the Fraser River which makes it a top Canadian destination for fishing salmon in fresh water.

Our Salmon fishing opportunities in the Fraser River and it’s tributaries like the Harrison River, Stave River, and Pitt Rivers usually start in July and continue through November. We target salmon using spin gear, bait gear, bar gear, and of course fly fishing. This is a fun fishery for anglers of all ages and skill levels. We Target all 5 species of pacific salmon.

Chinook salmon

Chinook salmon are the largest of the five species of pacific salmon and can reach weights upwards of 60 pounds. Fraser River salmon fishing for Chinooks starts in the middle of July and continues through until early November. Our main method for targeting Fraser River Chinook salmon is bar fishing or plunking.

Chum salmon

Chum Salmon fishing the Fraser River and it’s tributaries is one of our more sought after fisheries. These salmon are not found in a lot of river systems in the Pacific Northwest, which distinguishes the Fraser river systems from the rest of British Columbia and draws anglers from all over the world. Due to their size, fight, and eager aggression to bite, they make a great target for anglers of all levels and most methods of fishing to target. These fish range in sizes from 8-20 pounds on average, which the odd fish pushing the mid20 pound mark and it is not uncommon to hook 30 fish in a single day charter. Whether it is spin fishing lures, float fishing with jigs, fly fishing, or spey fishing, these fish makefor a great salmon fishing experience. The best time of year to fish for chum salmon is between the dates of October 1st and November 31st.

Pink salmon

Fraser River fishing for pink salmon is highly recommended fishery for anglers of all ages and skills. These fish average from 4-6 pounds in weight and put up an incredible battle for their size. Pink salmon only migrate in the Fraser River and its tributaries on odd years (2013, 2015, 2017, etc), and on a good return year, you can expect around 20 million pinks returning to the Rraser River and it’s tributaries in a one month period starting September 1st. This enables an angler to hook upwards of 30 salmon on any given day during this time period. Pink salmon are very aggressive and preferred methods of river fishing for them is Light spinning tackle with spoons and spinners, or fly fishing. This is a great introductory fishery for the beginner flyfisher looking to get lots of action.

Coho Salmon

Coho salmon are found in the Fraser River and all it’s tributaries feeding into it. This species is noted for their aggressiveness to bite and acrobatic fights which can include many jumps, cartwheels, and long runs. This fishery starts in late September is consistent until the beginning of December. Coho range from a 5-12 pounds on average but in many occasions can be upwards of 18-20 pounds. The preferred methods for this species is casting lures, spoon, and of course fly fishing!

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon are a very plentiful and acrobatic fighting fish while on the line. Averages sizes are between 4-8 pounds and are noted as one of the best pacific salmon for a “table fish”. Every year, millions of sockeye salmon return to the Fraser River and it’s tributaries in the months of August and September. Retention openings for Fraser River sockeye fishing can be hard to judge, but is usually expected in the month of August. Spin Fishing is the preferred method for sockeye, but can be readily available while fly fishing the tributaries of the Fraser River.

Whatever your target species of salmon is while fishing in Vancouver, we can ensure that we will put the best quality charter together for you and your group to maximize your fishing success!

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