Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing
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Vancouver Fishing

Vancouver Fishing has been steady over this past week. Our Vancouver Fishing charters departing out of downtown Vancouver have been seeing average success for this time of year. We made 2 trips to the Gulf Islands this past week and averaged 4-6 Chinook to the boat per trip, with the best fish weighing in at 27 pounds. Green/Glow Coyote spoons and Anchovy’s were our presentations of choice this week fished between 80-135 feet. Vancouver Fishing was a bit slow today in Vancouver harbour. We had a 5 hour charter so we focused on fishing the mouth of the Capilano. In total we boated 3 coho in the 3-6 pound range and lost a decent Chinook right beside the boat and missed 2 other chances.

Vancouver Fishing for bull trout on the Upper Pitt River has been steady the past week. We have been working harder for our fish than earlier in the month but results have still been good. We have landed 27 bull trout in 4 fly fishing trips this week, mainly averaging the 3 pound mark and the biggest reaching around 9 pounds.

Vancouver Fishing for Sturgeon has seen decent results lately. Water conditions are on the rise but the fish don’t seem to mind too much.  On Monday and on Tuesday we had 2 of our favorite guests return for some great Vancouver Fishing on the Fraser River….brothers Jon and Peter from Calgary, Alberta. While in town, these the boys were able to get 2 days on the water with us and managed to put 19 Sturgeon to the boat, the biggest measuring in at 7’4”. Congrats guys, we look forward to seeing you again in September!

Stay tuned to our weekly blog reports for Vancouver Fishing updates and seasonal specials!

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Vancouver Fishing Report for June 12

The Vancouver saltwater Salmon fishery has been fair to good over this past week. Due to high winds it has been tough to make it over to the Gulf Islands where fishing has been fantastic with numbers ranging from 6-12 hookups per day and fish upto 25 pounds. Our main focus lately has been around the Howe sound area where we’ve been ranging 2-5 hookups on Chinook per day.  Our best presentations have been anchovy’s and green gator hootchies behind green hot spot flashers.

Our Vancouver fly fishing trips for Upper Pitt River Bull Trout fishery have officially begun! Yesterday we managed to fish the river for half of the day and it was nothing short of success. With 5 hours spent fishing the river, we managed to land 9 bull trout on the fly rods, the smallest being 2 pounds, and the largest around 6 pounds. Egg sucking leeches and Popsicle flies were our weapons of choice! This fishery usually results in great success until the middle of July.

On Saturday we did a 6 hour sturgeon charter on the Fraser River in the Chilliwack area. The River is extremely high but we were able to tuck out of the main flow in a few areas and managed to get our guests into 7 sturgeon, the biggest being just shy of 6 feet.

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Vancouver Fishing Update

Well the past 2 days we have not been on the water. We have taken this opportunity to do regular maintenance to our boats like oil changes, new plugs, impellers, thorough cleaning, and wax. So we’re going to dedicate this blog to the fisheries we’ll be focusing on in the next few weeks.

First off, we have the upper Pitt River bull trout fishery fast approaching. This fishery is going to pick right up in the next week and continue through June and July. Fly fishing is our preferred method for fishing the Pitt, we like to use 7-8 weight fly rods with sink tip lines, and egg sucking leech patterns as well as “intruder” style steelhead/salmon flies. Although fly fishing is our preferred method on the Pitt,  we also offer gear fishing as well where our preferred tackle is ultralight spinning rods with Gibbs “ultra lures” in nickel and chrome finish. Stay tuned for an up to date report as we’ll be fishing the Pitt in the next 3-4 days.

Secondly, we have our ongoing Fraser River Sturgeon trips, which have been successful lately, and will continue to be even throughout the high water we’re experiencing right now. Many anglers get discouraged due to the high water this time of year, but this is where our years of experience give us the edge on some of the other guides. Average days for these condition are between 6-8 fish a day, but on occasions can be many more.

And lastly, our Vancouver saltwater salmon fishery is in full swing now. Most of our efforts in the following week will be focused on the south end of bowen island and the QA marker. We are targeting the early Fraser River Chinook in these areas, and numbers have been quite good lately. The Capilano coho have also been present in Vancouver Harbour as well as the odd Chinook. This is a great opportunity for those who do not have the whole day to spend on the water as it is only a five minute run from our dock. For people who are willing to put in a 10 hour day with us, we will be making the run to the Gulf Islands where fishing has been on fire this past week and is expected to continue in the coming weeks.

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Vancouver Fishing Report May 27 2011

The Fraser River is still experiencing “freshet” water conditions and will be high for quite sometime. Despite the poor weather conditions over the last few days, our charters have been producing decent results. On Thursday, we had an 8 hour sturgeon charter on the Fraser River. Our targeted fishing grounds were between Coquitlam and Maple Ridge. With the high water conditions, we fished sheltered waters and managed to put 12 sturgeon to the boat. Most fish averaged 3-4 feet, with an hour left in the trip, we hooked the big one of the day! After 40 minutes of fighting, we managed to the land the beast that measured out at 7’1”. What a great way to end the day! Fraser River sturgeon fishing will continue to produce good success in the coming weeks.

Today, we departed out of downtown Vancouver Salmon Fishing Charter at 6am. We made the trek to the Gulf Islands, and it really paid off. We spent a total of 7.5 hours fishing and hooked into 13 fish. Although we had 13 hookups, we only put 5 chinook to the boat…still a great day. Out of the 5 chinook, the smallest weighed in at 8 pounds, the biggest was 22 pounds. On top of bringing in five Chinook to the dock, we also brought up 350 prawns at the end of the day. This is only the start of our prime time Vancouver fishing charters. With the start of the early Fraser River Salmon migration just beginning, it’s assured that fishing in Vancouver is going to be continue to get better throughout the summer. We will give you an update in the next few days!

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Our First Vancouver Fishing Report

Welcome to our very first Vancouver Fishing Report!

Well the Fraser River is in full freshet as of late. Water levels have risen dramatically over the last week. Although the water conditions are not ideal, the fishing has still been pretty good. Tuesday afternoon we managed to put 9 Fraser River sturgeon to the boat on a 6 hour trip while fishing in between Mission and Chilliwack. Most of our fish were caught on Eulachons, but we did get a few on roe as well.

We made a trip on Sunday afternoon for some remote Vancouver fly fishing in search of some early sea-run bull trout. Although the water conditions were good, it’s still a little too early for us to start taking clients up. We put in a good effort, but only managed to pull off a couple small resident cutthroat trout. We expect the Sea-Run bull trout to show up in good numbers in the first week of June. Stay tuned!

The Vancouver saltwater salmon fishery has picked right up over the last week. We have been averaging 3-6 Chinook over the last week on our 8 hour charters. Most of our action has been around the south end of Bowen Island, and the QA marker. The Chinook have been averaging 10-15 pounds with a few fish over 20. Our gear of choice has been Anchovies, blood and bones hootchies, and green/glow coyote spoons trolled behind Green hot spot flashers.

If you are interested in booking a Vancouver fishing charter with us please contact us at

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