Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing
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Charters and Guided Fishing in Vancouver

Fishing in Vancouver offers some of the best fishing anywhere in the world, year-round.  The freshwater rivers and saltwater regions surrounding Vancouver are breeding grounds for literally millions of salmon returning to their home to  spawn, with five distinct species of salmon traversing the waters in and around Vancouver at different times of the year.

And for the serious sport fisherman, fishing in Vancouver offers the chance to hook a fish roughly the size and weight of a fully grown adult:  a giant sturgeon.  During the busy season, more than 200,000 sturgeon can be found in the freshwater rivers of Vancouver’s wilderness – many of them six feet long or longer – and a few of them more than 10 feet long!

The World-Renowned Fishing In Vancouver

Vancouver’s salmon fishing is widely considered some of the best in the world, with no fewer than five species of Pacific Salmon that make their way up rivers to spawn.  No matter what type of fishing it is, fishing in Vancouver reveals an abundance of fish, including the five separate species of Pacific salmon:  Pink, Coho, Chinook (or King), Sockeye, and Chum.  And that’s just the salmon!  Fishing in Vancouver can mean a battle royale with anything from a 20 pound Chinook salmon to a sturgeon that  can weigh in at more than 500 pounds.

Vancouver Fishing Charters:  Close to Everything

Fishing in Vancouver is ideally suited for fisherman of all skill levels because of its close proximity to populated areas.  Seattle residents can drive up here in less than a day, or you can fly into the city of Vancouver in just a few short hours from anywhere on the West Coast and be on the water in no time.  Wherever you are, you can be sure that your experience while fishing in Vancouver will be one that you remember for a lifetime, one of those memories that you can point back to with friends and family and say, “Remember that time we went fishing in Vancouver and caught so many sockeye salmon it felt like our arms were gonna fall off…”. If you happen to end up with some spare time on your hands then you should check out a whale watching Vancouver tour.

Fishing in Vancouver:  A Year-Round Extravaganza

Wondering when the best time is to come?  The answer is:  anytime!  Vancouver fishing charters operate year round, because that’s when the fish are here.  Although not every species of salmon is present year-round, there are always plenty of fish to be found in the waters around Vancouver Harbour.  And no one could go fishing in Vancouver without at least one trip out to sea to get in touch with their inner Hemingway, right?  A brief rundown of the wonderful salmon you can expect to catch here is as follows:

Sockeye/Red Salmon.   Most folks say that sockeye salmon is the tastiest, and Vancouver salmon fishing in the summer months mean that you should definitely hook some of these.

Pink/Humpy Salmon.  Pink salmon return to spawn in Vancouver waters every odd-numbered year, which is what makes Fraser River salmon fishing so fabulous.   One recent fisheries department estimate put the number of Pink salmon in local waters during spawning season at 20 million!

Coho/Silver Salom.  Although Coho salmon are the second smallest of the group, they are present in large numbers during the summer and fall months, and provide lots of excitement for sport fishermen.

Chinook/King Salmon.  Also known as King Salmon, the hope of catching a Chinook salmon is what brings many people to go fishing in Vancouver.  During the summer and winter months, it’s virtually a guarantee that you’ll catch more than one of these largest of the salmon breed.

Chum/Dog Salmon.  The smallest of the salmon family, anyone going fishing in Vancouver in the fall months is likely to see these on the line, because they are so plentiful.   They can be caught year round in the deeper waters of the ocean, or while migrating up freshwater rivers on their venture to spawn.

Fraser River Fishing:  The Crème De La Crème

Fishing in Vancouver and anywhere around the lower mainland is guaranteed to be a good time, those seeking a more refined and absolutely astounding catch of salmon usually choose to go Fraser River salmon fishing.  The Fraser River has been called a “salmon freeway at rush hour,” and within an hour or two at the most you’ll be inclined to agree with them.  If you get tired of fishing for salmon, you can always try for some Fraser River Sturgeon fishing on the same outing.  If you’re feeling especially adventurous, going steelhead fishing is sure to be a test of wits and strength, as the steelhead are known for their tricky ways and acrobatic fights once hooked.  Whatever you end up catching while fishing in Vancouver, we’re confident you’ll be happy with the results. Even if you’re the only person that likes fishing in the family, everyone can still enjoy one of our Vancouver fishing charters, because the Pacific Northwest is some of the most beautiful pristine wilderness left in the world, with sightings of bald eagles, seals, deer, and even bears not uncommon.

A Prehistoric Fishing Battle:  Sturgeon Versus You

Nor are salmon the only kind of fish you’ll catch in the Fraser River.  Sturgeon are some of the oldest and biggest freshwater fish in the world, and Fraser River sturgeon fishing is considered the best in the world.  Our sturgeon fishing trips are an all-inclusive adventure – you don’t have to bring anything except lunch, and we’ll even provide that if you let us know in advance.  Our top notch Custom Weld boats provide you the means necessary to get to where the fish are.  Now, the rest of the job is landing one of these amazing fish that’s on your line.  Fishing in Vancouver and hooking a sturgeon is the closest you’ll ever get to fighting one of the largest freshwater game fish – and there’s nothing like the thrill of seeing a 200-pound fish hurl himself out of the water several times in an effort to break free of the line.

Peak Sturgeon Fishing Times

Sturgeon fishing is best starting in early spring, around March and April, and then again from mid summer into the late fall.  Fishing in Vancouver anywhere during these times might result in some whoppers because of all the migrating fish returning to spawn which is a major food source to the sturgeon.  Fraser River fishing can occasionally bring double digit catches of sturgeon in the early springtime throughout the late fall.

Fishing in VancouverThe fall months bring a massive food source to the Fraser river and it’s tributaries that sturgeon gorge themselves on:  salmon.  After salmon have spawned, these magnificent fish die and are eaten in huge quantities by the sturgeon, which is the time when fishing in Vancouver waters for sturgeon can net a fish of a lifetime.  Sturgeon weighing as much as 1000 pounds have been caught more than once in these waters, so prepare yourself for a hefty fight, because sturgeon aren’t considered the premier game fish in North America for nothing.

Whether it’s Vancouver salmon fishing or Fraser River sturgeon fishing, fishing in Vancouver is highly likely to be the best experience you’ve ever had – and that’s no tall tale. To request a Fishing in Vancouver guided fishing trip or to speak to one of our professional guides please contact us 778-389-FISH (3474) or via email at

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